CSU Sacramento Festival of the Arts Alumni Reading

My CSU Sacramento Festival of the Arts Alumni Reading was a great success–there was a wonderful turnout. As always, it’s a thrill to share my writing with a willing and eager audience be they 1) interested readers 2) inspired writers 3) supportive friends and colleagues or 4) coerced students.

I was very happy to be reading alongside poet, Simone Youngblood, a colleague I had the pleasure of workshopping with back in 2008 when I took my first CSUS creative writing class with Professor Mary Mackey. This is the first time I was able to listen to Simone’s new work as well as some revised pieces which date back to our 2008 class.

I read Annotated Pai Gow Poker and Pretty Potion: An Annotated Recipe. Also, for the first time I was able to read an untitled creative nonfiction piece which I started back in 2008, when I attended CSU Summer Arts Writing the Memoir, in Fresno with Doug Rice. Originally, the prompt, given by Carole Maso, was to write about “a single instant of darkness.” I’ve revisited the piece time and again, but only four years later am I starting to feel satisfied with its shape and feel.

I want to add my special thanks to Doug Rice, Joshua McKinney and the CSU Sacramento English Department for inviting me to read at what was a very memorable and meaningful event.

Also, keep an eye out for the release of Doug Rice’s Between Appear and Disappear.

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