Pretty Potion in Hobart Pulp

Kelly Kapowski mosaic heartsRecently, my annotated recipe, “Pretty Potion,” was published at Hobart Pulp. The essay explores magic, beauty, and my tweenage fascination with Saved By The Bell’s bombshell, Kelly KaPOWski.

I was first introduced to the annotated recipe in 2008, during a workshop with Steven Church at CSU Summer Arts Fresno, and since then, have always had a fondness for the form, despite being a mediocre cook at best. I started writing this piece in 2011, and set it aside for a very long time, until picking it up this year while putting together my first manuscript, a book of my essays.

I have so much gratitude to Aaron Burch especially at Hobart, for snapping up this essay. Hobart publishes excellent writing and I’ve always enjoyed their style and humor.

One Response to “Pretty Potion in Hobart Pulp”
  1. I don’t know how I ran into your blog but I’m thrilled I did. That was a powerful poem that slammed me right back to my childhood with how powerfully similar it was while at the same time sharing an experience beautifully awkward and very painful and a bit different from mine. Thank you and I look forward to following.

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