Pretty Potion in Hobart Pulp

Recently, my annotated recipe, “Pretty Potion,” was published at Hobart Pulp. The essay explores magic, beauty, and my tweenage fascination with Saved By The Bell’s bombshell, Kelly KaPOWski. I was first introduced to the annotated recipe in 2008, during a workshop with Steven Church at CSU Summer Arts Fresno, and since then, have always had a fondness … Continue reading

Otolith in Fourth Genre

My fish essay, “Otolith,” is in the Spring 2017 issue of Fourth Genre. This essay took me more than a year to complete, and in my opinion, is probably the best writing I’ve ever done. I’m thrilled it found a home at Fourth Genre, which publishes notable, innovative work in nonfiction. I must express my … Continue reading

We Be Bleeding At The Rumpus

My essay, “We Be Bleeding” is now up at The Rumpus. So much thanks to Sunday Essays editor, Toni Nealie, for taking on this work, and to artist, Kaye McGarva, for sharing her paintings. A lot of different works inspired this particular piece, but especially Pause, by Mary Ruefle and Bluets, by Maggie Nelson.  

Ephphetha At JuxtaProse

You can now read my micro-essay Ephphetha at JuxtaProse Magazine. This particular essay describes the various ways mothers attempt to protect their children. I wrote it shortly after having given birth to my third child. This essay is very dear to me, and I’m incredibly happy that it found a home at JuxtaProse. I also … Continue reading

Sunday, Again at The Nervous Breakdown

I am beyond thrilled to share my newest essay, Sunday, Again now up at The Nervous Breakdown. The essay features fantastic artwork from the super-talented, Trinidad Escobar. Her art will amaze you and her graphic memoir, Crush, is coming out in 2017, so check it out. I started writing this essay in 2012, and it … Continue reading

A Moveable Feast #PorteOuverte at Assay

In my latest, “A Moveable Feast #PorteOuverte,” published at Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies, I review Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. Following the #ParisAttacks, I thought it timely to reread Hemingway’s memoir, set in 1920s Paris. I was not alone in this sentiment, and in fact, was delighted to learn that A Moveable Feast, … Continue reading

Imprint at Brevity

Feeling voracious? My micro essay, ‘Imprint‘ is ready for you to devour in Brevity Issue 48. I’ve been waiting a long time to be included in this fantastic journal that publishes the best nonfiction writers around. I owe my sincere thanks to Dinty Moore and the editors at Brevity for pulling my essay out of … Continue reading

On Chinua Achebe & The Truth Of Beneficent Nonfiction At Essay Daily

I’m proud to share my essay, “On Chinua Achebe and The Truth of Beneficent Nonfiction,” which is up at Essay Daily. Several years ago, I read Chinua Achebe’s essay, “The Truth of Fiction,” and an accompanying Conjunctions interview by Bradford Morrow with Achebe. Since then, I wondered if it was possible to apply Achebe’s tenets … Continue reading

The Eager at The Rumpus

My creative nonfiction piece, ‘The Eager‘, is now up at The Rumpus. I’m really enjoying the art that accompanies the piece, which was created by Erech Overaker. It’s very edgy and electric, and I think would appeal to readers that might enjoy my writing. Thanks and gratitude to The Rumpus, and of course, Rumpus Essays … Continue reading

The C Word at The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review

Check out my latest creative nonfiction essay, “The C Word” at The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review. I started writing this short piece back in 2008 at CSU Summer Arts in Fresno, when I took Doug Rice’s class “Writing the Memoir,” with guest writers Carole Maso, Steven Church and William Vollmann. It later inspired my … Continue reading

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